I want only what I do not have....

It is in the character of few men to honour without envy a friend who has prospered. -- Aeschylus

YrthDotNet What can I say about YrthDotNet? I've seen many beautiful websites, but there is something about Yrth that brings me near to tears. It is the site that finally made me redesign Sin-Inc. So filled with beauty, of every type it seems. Elizabeth "PixelFish" Mitchell is, in my opinion, an amazing artist. Among my favourite pieces of her work are anax junius : dragonfly 01, A Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows, Inside Jane, and Girl. Girl was partly inspired by a Tori Amos song by the same name, so it automically gets bonus points. This is also the site that made me realize I need to marry a graphic artist. PixelFish, unfortunately for me, is already taken. No extra charge for the wry grin.

treebyleaf.comI do not know treebyleaf. I feel she is not someone you can ever know. To me, she resides on the edge of my existence. Friend of friends. I have been privy to correspondence between her and others. I have seen her some of her style. I think if I were to meet her I would, as so many others have before me, fall hopelessly in love. She may be the truest fairy I have yet had the pleasure to encounter since the passing of my grandmother. I think Number Six is the only one I know who could articulate what it is to know tree. Perhaps, someday, I shall have that pleasure.

Our envy of others devours us most of all. -- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Bloodletters Number Six I know only slightly better than tree. Half of me wants to know him, to be friends with him. The other half was disgusted when wendolen recently remarked that I seemed to be courting his approval. Like me he is a writer. Like me he is a dreamer. Yet there are several things he posseses that I do not. And one very special that I let go. On the other hand, as far as I know he still has not seen the Simpsons' Prisoner episode. All things are equal.

Sebastion Studios When I was in high school several of my friends took up photography. The learned about lighting and patterns and developing. I spread myself around writing, acting, directing and other arts. But as these friends began to display their knowledge I wished I had the time to learn it myself. Many years later I have come in contact with Sebastion Studios. I still do not know a great deal about photography, but I do know I wish I had Sebastion's eye with a camera. Of course, his work speaks for itself.

Michael Parkes - Steltman Galleries There is a beauty and magic to the art of Michael Parkes seldom found. As a writer I find easy inspiration from his works. Indeed his Gargoyles was the basis for what is arguably my best piece of fiction. It also comprises the extent of my collection of his works. Someday I hope to expand that.

Looking at Parkes' work, it seems like he truly sees another world; that this other world does indeed exist, perhaps just beyond the looking glass. That is the ability I would like to have with my writing. To create something so real that the audience truly believes it is the dream of every artist. An artist attempts nothing if not to be God.

The site opens with a 911 call, and the mood is immediately set. The videos, the stories, everything on this site is exactly as described: chilling. And the artwork is beautiful. Few sites can claim to have such a well developed mood. It's an easy place to pass an evening.